Cream Heroes

The updated vision of our creams, specially addressed to new consumers that want to enjoy the pleasure of one of the most trendy distillates at the moment, such as tequila mixed with the best fruits and high-quality cream, without resigning to liquors of low alcoholic strength with the maximum natural flavour.


Committed to the growing range of Premium Rum, our rum is inspired by the Mazagües, ancient healers of the Canarian aboriginal tribes who had the power to predict and heal the future. This high-quality aged rum has been infused emulating these shamans’ potions, adding a touch of cinnamon, coffee, and orange peel.


The first flavoured gins launched onto the Spanish market. This collection of exquisite Premium Gins represents a high-quality interpretation of the good things about traditional gin, mixed, in each case, with a memorable innovative flavour. Based on the patented 5th formula that emulates the 4 basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth & Air, it is the only gin brand on the market that is compatible with any Premium Gin consumer, from those who prefer dry gin to those who enjoy fruity ones.


Mazzafiato is our range of Mediterranean-inspired tabletop liqueurs, with natural flavors and the best grain alcohol, we sublimate the traditional digestives. Perfect to drink alone or to give a fruity touch to your cocktails.