A passion is born.

DMB was born in 1875 as a small distillery in Barcelona, established by the French manufacturer Morel y Bas under the name of Sorel. Quickly, Sorel spirit drinks became popular among residents of Barcelona and the coastal towns in the province.

Heritage, craftsmanship & love for the Mediterranean Sea.

Years later, in 1947, the Soler family acquired the distillery with the aim of expanding the brand and supporting craft distilling. This way, Sorel began a period of expansion and quality improvement, always considering the Mediterranean essence as the spearhead. The manufacturing plant was moved to the coastal area of El Maresme, near one of the main centres of international tourism in the country, exploring the Mediterranean region in search of the  best selected ingredients.

Industrialisation and pioneers in the launch and production of the first fruit liquors.

In the sixties, the company was industrialised, maintaining its traditional and family essence. The artisan production process and the high-quality products began to stand out among the spirit drinks and liquors of the country, becoming pioneers in the elaboration of the first fruit liquors that would later set the trend at that time. Besides, the company started to produce distillates such as whisky, rum, brandy, and gin for an emerging Spanish tourism sector that is still growing.

Leadership in the Spanish market and focus on quality as the core.

From 1989 to 2006, the foundations for the current distillery were laid. Due to an increasingly competitive market and highly demanding consumers, production techniques were improved to enhance the quality of our drinks, an essential value for the distillery, and Destil·leries del Maresme Brand, DMB, took over the former Sorel to continue supporting its origins and to thank for the constant contribution of this area to the company. The success it has been achieved so far allows DMB to expand its business to the majority of key accounts and reaching almost everywhere through a selected wholsele partners.

Conquering new markets.

In 2007, as a result of our continuous achievements and improvements in the industry, we built a new distillery adapted to the current requirements and being fully in compliance with all the EEC legislations and EU quality standards. We are accredited with IFS and, thanks to that, we are able to manufacture the majority of private label brands in the main categories for the key account groups at national and international level.

Premiumization and commitment to develop winning brands in Key growing categories.

Over the last decade, the company also decided to focus on the range of Premium products in categories that add value to the market and which are growing under the Atmosphera brand, being pioneers in the introduction of flavoured gins in Spain with the 5th gins Brand, trendy products such as Cream Heroes, or the Mazagüe infused Rum.

Value reaffirmation.

Since then, DMB heads towards a clear path: to maintain the essence and legacy of our ancestors and to continue enjoying our passion, that is, distilling our products for those palates that know how to appreciate good work.